Sunday, June 27, 2010

Turkey Kielbasa and Couscous

This dish is simple and so very yummy. Amazingly enough I didn't even make it spicy, which is a very rare event....eheheh. This must be made again....I seem to have created a craving for it. A note of warning here if you are watching your salt intake....Kielbasa has a metric ton of salt in it so make sure you keep the amount you use small. I wouldn't buy it for the longest time because honestly a 2oz serving is an extremely small portion size. Cut it small enough and surround it with veggies and a grain though and the serving size isn't quite so noticeable.

Turkey Kielbasa and Couscous (serves 2)

4 oz Turkey Kielbasa, diced
2 sweet onions, diced
3 stalks celery, diced
2 tbls garlic
2 tbls oil
1/2 pack mushrooms, chopped
1/3 cup couscous
black pepper

In a skillet, over medium high heat, cook the oil, onion, garlic, celery, kielbasa, and mushrooms. While the meat and vegetables are cooking prepare the couscous. Microwave 1/2 cup water until boiling and then toss in the dry couscous and cover. When the vegetables are tender remove from heat and toss with the couscous. Sprinkle with black pepper and serve.

Zomg the fungus is among us! A pic of the dish with mushrooms in it.....evil evil mushrooms. I usually make this dish in two different skillets, one with mushrooms and one without. I tend to avoid mushrooms where I can. ;) If you decide to go that route just divide the vegetables evenly between the two pans....easy peasy.

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