Friday, September 24, 2010

Toffee Shot Glasses

Yet another experiment with shot glasses. I also made some fudge glasses....we'll just let that experiment rest in peace....nough said. The toffee glasses actually turned out quite nicely. A horde of tiny little bubbles in the glasses but they still looked pretty. They were easy to handle, sturdy little containers. They were a little tough to break apart though. I could see using toffee again.

I've been wanting to play around with using my shot glasses as a kind of a vase for some other nibbles. The new Honey Wheat, Wheat Thin Crunch Stix are kind of like salty graham crackers....neat flavor. They also make perfect stems/sticks to hold goodies. I wrapped some peanut butter dough around the sticks, trying out different shapes before dipping them in chocolate. The longer shapes I molded were harder to work with and manipulate into the shot glasses....but they were so cute! The single ball shape was the easiest to work with. A double ball would probably be fine as well....but I see I didn't have any middle ground when I formed up my sticks...ehehehe. It also occurred to me that the sticks dipped only in chocolate would make a great makeshift spoon to leave in the shot glass with a different caramel or cream cheese and chocolate.

Toffee Shot Glasses

Butter the silicone shot glass molds (available from Amazon) to help the toffee release....this isn't a critical step but it does help.

Cook up some toffee...

1 cup butter
1 cup sugar
1/8 tsp salt

In a heavy sauce pan combine the butter and sugar. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until sugar dissolves. Bring to a boil and let cook until temperature reaches 285 degrees, stirring often.

Pour or ladle the toffee into the shot glass molds. Tap mold on counter to release some of the bubbles. Let cool. Putting them in the fridge will speed up the chilling process. Demold.

Mix together some peanut butter center dough to make the pieces you want to display in the toffee cups.

Peanut Butter Centers

1/2 cup creamy natural peanut butter
2.5 tbls tub margarine
1 cups powdered sugar
6oz milk chocolate chips
1 tbls shortening

Melt the peanut butter and the margarine in the microwave. Stir often to prevent overheating. Stir in the powdered sugar. Shape the dough into whatever shape you desire and slide them onto the Wheat Thin Stix. Chill in the fridge or freezer. (I am thinking next time a little dab of melted chocolate at the tip of the Wheat Thin Stix when I attach the peanut butter centers to them will help secure them.)

Melt the milk chocolate chips and the shortening in the microwave, stirring often to prevent overheating. Spoon some of the melted chocolate into a toffee shot glass. Turn the glass on it's side to coat the interior of the shot glass in chocolate. Pour the residual chocolate back into your bowl. Dip the rim of the shot glass into the melted chocolate to coat it.

Take the peanut butter shapes out and dip them into the chocolate. You may need to spoon the chocolate over them instead of dipping. Rest the dipped pieces on waxed paper. When all your pieces are coated use a fork to drizzle some lines of chocolate over them. Put into fridge to set.

Arrange your dipped peanut butter pieces in the shot glasses. Take some of the extra peanut butter center filling and form it into tiny balls. Drop the balls into the shot glass so they fill up some of the empty space....not to mention they look super cute. Chill until you are ready to serve.

One lonely little shot glass....
I coated the rim of the shot glasses with chocolate to give them a more finished look....I could have taken this a step further with some crushed toffee on the chocolate....for a sort of salted margarita glass look.


  1. Peanut butter, chocolate, toffee...yum! These are so cute and sound delicious! Fun idea!!

  2. Wow, I like these, look like they took some effort, but great results! So different than just chocolate cups!